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Since scoliosis changed my life in such a positive way, I knew I wanted to support others with the condition in someway. Since my surgery, I’ve talked with some of Dr. youssri’s scoliosis patients :Heba elmouseli & yara elmawardy:) and they do the best to answer any questions I may have. I ask them about my condition, what my scar looks and feels like whether I can feel the titanium rods and pins, and whether others could see that I have scoliosis. They comfort me because they have experienced it. I know that I was uneasy about having the surgery and it makes me feel better that I can reduce or eliminate that for others by talking to them, there are many people who might not say they were glad to have major surgery like mine, but I am one of those who would. My scoliosis surgery changed me and my life for the better, because my back is now straight and I don’t have any physical restrictions. My surgery wasn’t fun at the time, but it molded me into the better and more mature person that I am today. My self confidence is higher and I am a stronger person because of what I have been through. I am so thankful for the success of my spine surgery : ) Many teens and adults for that matter would be afraid of the prospect of having spine surgery but not me!!! According to my parents, it’s really hard to convince them, they took the decision of the surgery which was the best option, really I have to get in and get it over with elhamdlelah smile emoticon Please share your stories and questions (No question should go unanswered no matter what, whether good, bad or indifferent….I hope to bring more support to Scoliosis patients, I am not a doctor and I cannot diagnose you, but I hope to share our experiences & support us. I’ll share my scoliosis life story with all of you and I am looking forward to hearing yours and lending your support. I have had scoliosis since I was 18 yrs old, when I was in the last year in the secondary school, my brother has noticed that my right shoulder is higher than the left one, my mom took me to the doctor to check out what a hell is that, thinking it was nothing. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis…the curvature was almost 40 degrees so he told us the signs of scoliosis can be physically noticed in a person like the difference in a shoulder height when standing ,bulging in one part of the back, appearance of an S-shaped curve in the back while standing, the doctor recommended me swimming only !!!he doesn’t gave me any brace to wear it & he told me that the operation is dangerous for me in this age I was 17 yrs & he told me it will be safe if I was a child, I don’t have any other choice unless swimming. I swam probably 3 times a week for 4 months then I stopped, I had entered my college, it was really difficult & there is no time for swimming, in the summer I used to go to gymnasium to do some exercises to strength my back muscles..& ignoring that I had scoliosis & this was my fatal mistake I have ever made & I used to go to the doctor every 3 months to check out the angle of the scoliosis it’s was 45 degree, .he told that I have to live normal ..swimming isn’t important for you even the exercises, he was completely wrong because usually start discussing surgery as a treatment option when a curve approaches 40 degrees

as the curve size increases, more chest and trunk deformity develop, which reduce surgery’s ability to completely correct the cosmetic appearance. Breathing problems can occur in scoliosis, but usually occur when curves are greater than 90 degrees. Recently after 5 years I had a pain in my back & neck, I haven’t been able to move anymore, I went to my doctor to check out the angle he realized it became 68, he told me took this sedation tablets & u will be better. I told him I want to do the surgery he told me okay but it would be for the shape only & remember that you want to do it not me& it’s up to you! Really I feel scared because he didn’t prefer the surgery so I had done many researches about my case & downloading videos scoliosis exercises, yoga exercises, watching the surgery in youtube is like watching a horror movie, I had a hypotension while I am watching it. I bought small dumbles & huge gym plastic ball to make certain exercises to stretch my muscles. Physiotherapists give me advice to do certain exercises Strengthening of muscles and correction of muscle imbalance, then I realized that I am too late frown emoticon but while I am searching on the net I found a report about successful surgeries have done by Doctor Youssri El Hawary, the most loveable doctor in the world smile emoticon he is really my beautiful destiny. I went to him, and told me that the surgery is required & there’s no alternatives to scoliosis surgery and it’s safe nowadays, so we had took the decisions to do it the most & elhamdlelad I feel better now 3 months & 2 weeks post operation, remember it’s worthwhile.. My recovery was difficult at first month & this normal but by the time everything will be OK I think Life after surgery returns to near normal by about 9 months. At one year, you’ll be able to do about anything you could do before the surgery. Take it easy. This is major surgery. It takes a while for the spine to fuse smile emoticon